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    Solo en inglés.White Dwarf is Games Workshop's premium Warhammer magazine, packed with amazing content every month – including new rules and background, short stories, regular columns, special guests, and more.Here’s what you can look forward to in the February issue:- Contact!Letters and painted mo...
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    • Encuadernación : Tapa Blanda
    • Fecha de edición : 22/02/2023
    • Año de edición : 2023
    • Autores : GAMES WORKSHOP
    • Número de páginas : 0
    • Colección : WHITE DWARF
    • Número de Colección : 485
    Solo en inglés.

    White Dwarf is Games Workshop's premium Warhammer magazine, packed with amazing content every month – including new rules and background, short stories, regular columns, special guests, and more.

    Here’s what you can look forward to in the February issue:

    - Contact!
    Letters and painted models from our readers.

    - Worlds of Warhammer
    Lights, cameras, action! How do you go about setting the scene for your battles? Phil Kelly talks to us about how to get the most immersive experience possible on the tabletop.

    - Inside the Studio
    Check out the games we’ve played and the models we’ve painted this month.

    WARHAMMER 40,000
    - Flashpoint – Herald of Misery: Rhalion’s Quest
    The Blood Angels join forces with the Tome Keepers to investigate the Arks of Omen.

    - Opportunistic Obliteration
    Warsmith Czagra of the Iron Warriors begins a new quest in this short story.

    - The Void Siege
    As sprawling as the Arks of Omen themself, enjoy a mighty 20 pages of new rules for Boarding Actions, with all-new rules for Iron Warriors Boarding Patrols!

    Includes rules for Boarding Pods and Void Siege games and six Void Siege Missions – and it wouldn't be a siege without the IV Legion, so this article also provides bespoke rules for Bronzewrought Iron Warriors Boarding Patrols, providing two unique Enhancements and six Boarding Actions Stratagems.

    - Ground Truth
    A quick tactical overview and analysis of the Strongrooms Mission from Arks of Omen: Angron

    - Echoes From the Warp
    Duncan Waugh assembles his very own Tempestus Scions Boarding Patrol…

    - Battle Report: Jailbreak
    … which he uses in a battle against Rich Butler, who commands a force of World Eaters led by Khârn the Betrayer.

    - Flashpoint Rondhol: Land of Living Peaks
    New background as The Great Stomp marches into Lendu, where even the land can eat you!

    - The Great Stomp Part 4
    Introducing rules for playing Warcry games as part of The Great Stomp campaign, including a great swathe of new Territories for use in the campaign.

    - Gods and Monsters
    A gallery of beautifully painted heroes, villains and gods and monsters from across the Mortal Realms, sent in by you, our readers.

    - Rules of Engagement
    Sam Pearson takes a closer look at the charm of two-player campaigns.

    - Da Killin' Moon
    New rules for using the Gloomspite Gitz in your games of Warcry. Caution: includes squigs.
    Includes rules for The Bad Moon, two bespoke Quests, a Quest Battleplan, and Location and Background Tables.

    - Knights of the Stinkhorn
    Grinkrak’s Looncourt also receive Warcry rules! It’s a good day to be a gobbo!

    - Glory Points
    Nyle Ajina delves into all the flavours of Warhammer Underworlds, with Rivals, Nemesis, and Relic – how do you prefer to play your Warhammer Underworlds?

    - The Aranthian Succession
    The Specialist Design Studio kicks off a new Necromunda campaign as civil unrest grips Cinderak City.

    - Guilliman's Own
    Black Library investigate, with the help of an Indomitus Crusade Personnel Dossier, just who exactly Vitiran Messinius is.

    - Grombrindal: Ancestor’s Burden – Rat-tail
    The first part of a new Grombrindal serial by Chris Thursten.

    - A Tale of 44 Warlords
    Dating back to the ancient past of 1998, we visit the hall of honour, scour the many highlights and delve into the history of the A Tale of Four Warlords series.

    Each physical copy of issue 485 comes with six double-sided Void Siege tiles for Boarding Actions games, a White Dwarf Paint Recipe card, eight Grinkrak's Looncourt Fighter and Ability Cards for Warcry, and a new Achievements card for the Great Stomp campaign.

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